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Famous Italian Cheese steaks, hoagies, traditional Italian pasta, and much more!!



"D'Atri's serves the world's best steak sub and Italian hoagie period. My mind can't process the thought of a world without these steak subs, they are that good. This thing is lives in my personal top 10 best meals ever list". Mike B.

                                                                                         Cleveland, OH

"The Greatest"

"I have many family members and friends who no longer live in Cumberland, but, when they are "home," one of the top things on their "To Do" list is a D'Atri's sub or hoagie. For us lucky ones who live here...hey, I have them on speed dial and can get a courteous delivery faster than I could prepare it myself. The sandwiches are always chock full of whatever filling you order, and the service is outstanding. And, the flavor....once you eat a D'atri's sub you'll throw rocks at the chain sub shops. It's like comparing Mom's home-cooked meals to a fast food restaurant.



"I grew up eating D'Atri's subs. When I moved from the area, it was a must whenever I was back in town visiting. Even now, as I convert to vegetarianism, I'll make an exception when in town and stop in for Zoinx

Charlotte, NC

"You just can't beat the D'Atri's on Columbia Street! I live 4.5 hours away and last year for my birthday my husband drove me "home" for a D'Atri's Cheese Steak Sub with Sweet Peppers. It is a must every time we go." D'Atri's Cheese Steak #1 Fan

"Landmark Best Subin Town Lives up to Expectations. I've lived in North Carolina, Upstate New York and Metro DC Area. But I'm from Cumberland, Maryland. D'Atri's Subs is unmatched.

I have never found a sub to match this sub...ever. When I lived away, as almost all Cumberland natives do, my first stop was D'Atr's for the Steak and Cheese Sub."

Russ Cumberland, MD

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